Retreat Schedule

Early-bird meditation
If you are up with the larks, then join us for a silent meditation in the main room.  At this time of day we sit for 45 mins but it is not compulsory and it is OK to leave if you don't feel comfortable.  However, early mornings are special and our mind is unclouded, so this is the best time to experiment with extending your focus and stillness.

" I loved the early morning sitting, resting in stillness and listening to the world awaken.  It was wonderful to hear the birdsong."


Teaching and Experimenting

Throughout the day, we structure activities in such a way that you are gradually invited to go deeper into your practice.  It means for example, sometimes you are out in the garden just listening, or simply counting clouds while you lie flat on your back.  These simple ideas help us to understand that mindfulness can be experienced in the midst of everything else, even with our eyes open.  

At other times, we sit together in meditation (not for very long, this is not an endurance test) and gradually your ability to be still will increase.  Sometimes, we are invited to talk to each other to discover how mindfulness shows up in relationship.  

All sorts of ideas permeate the days, ensuring that mindfulness is practical and useful to you.  We do nothing to make you uncomfortable and everything is of course optional.

What the day looks like

0600 - Optional early morning sit in the mediation room - self guided

0700 - Yoga or Tai chi on the lawn

0800 - Breakfast for all including offsite guests

0900 - Morning shaped by the Teacher of the day 

1230 - Main meal of the day / walk / sleep / relax

1400 - Afternoon shaped by Teacher of the day

1800 - Light dinner

1900 - Video / talk / yoga / bonfire time

2100 - Lights out in main house / hometime for offsite guests