Mindfulness Events, Retreats, Courses and Coaching

Welcome to Mindfulness at Hinton

If you feel frazzled or if you feel there are things in your life that could benefit from you knowing how to be calmer and happier, we run mindfulness groups and classes at our Center which is just outside of Brackley.

Mindfulness works for people who are struggling to keep up with the constant demands of the modern world. It can help with building resilience at critical periods: from couples preparing for a new baby, to children and young people at school and college; and from adults in their work and family life, to older adults and those who care for them when they become mentally or physically infirm. We also work with people who have chronic pain as well as people with serious illnesses.

 The benefits of mindfulness have been proven by clinical trials and work continues to explore the implications of this, extending the approach to all aspects of life, using brain imaging techniques together with experimental cognitive science, to learn how mindfulness has its effects, and which practices are best for whom.

Our commitment is to be deeply embedded in our local community.  We express this commitment by making sure that we run not-for-profit events to pay-forward to others.  Most of our work is on a donation basis so you can choose to pay what you can afford.