Corporate Client


Your sessions have been so great and inspiring.... I just want to say that without your mindfulness leadership I would have plodded on unhappy... after 18 years I am moving on to a new job, having a long holiday and ditching the flash company car for my bike.

Foundation Course Participant


Thank you doesn't seem a big enough word.  I'm so glad to have discovered the wonderful mindfulness teacher - Jenny.  I first came to Hinton 9 years ago.  After taking the foundation course with Jenny, I really had a profound change in my sense of self.  I became appreciative of being in the moment, and I gained an understanding of techniques that help me in that.  Many of the suggestions that Jenny made still resonate wonderfully with me every day and will for the rest of my life.

Training to Teach


Over the years, I have attended weekend retreats, weekly practice sessions, zoom meetings and alpaca walking.  There has been so many different reasons that I have benefited from the trainings and practices with Jenny, and I am very much looking forward to the on-going journey.  If you are looking for a mindfulness teacher, I suggest training and practicing at Hinton Barn.  Jenny has such a lovely, warm, genuine and engaging style with puts everyone at ease.

Retreat Attendee


Jenny's style of training is warm, embracing and to the point.  I have seen how she has an amazing rapport, and demonstrates acceptance and she offers compassion and kindness to everyone who comes into contact with her.

Corporate Client


Honestly through Covid you saved me.  I was at my wits end with stress at work and home.  Luckily for me my employers were clever enough to invite you to teach us mindfulness online.  What a difference it made to my ability to cope. 

Online Weekly  Sitting Group


Had my mindfulness tea in the garden this morning.  The session was just the tonic I needed.  Your sessions are so great and inspiring.  I just needed SOMETHING this morning to remove the panicked throughts and all the what ifs....  Has just calmed me so much.