Dr Jenny Robinson

Author, Academic, Coach, Consultant

I learnt mindfulness for my own mental and emotional wellbeing after I suffered a year of depression, confined to bed and unable to face the world. Despite my usual sunny disposition, life just bowled me a googly and I could not recover. Once I learnt mindfulness I had a tool to regain my life, piece by piece.

For the last fifteen years I have worked on leadership development and as a mindfulness coach to senior executives. The purpose of mindfulness is to bring new awareness to self, to others, and to situations. Seeing things from a new perspective opens-up a range of different decisions and actions. New thinking and new behaviour arise from being more mindful and, in this way, change can be instant and painless.

My clients include CEO’s and senior managers of global functions and businesses in listed companies and large private enterprises.

My PhD is in Mindful Leadership and don’t ask, because I can bore for Britain on the subject. On my farm I have built a mindfulness retreat centre where I offer free mindfulness sessions to the local community as my way of paying-it-forward. In return many people working on my farm are recovering from depression or other trauma events. We use the gentle nature of alpacas and the wilderness to help restore people’s equanimity.

I am a registered BAMBA teacher, you can find me on their website.